Welcome to Antibiotics We provide the most up to date information on antibiotic medications as well as side effects that may occur during treatment. There are many people who buy antibiotics online without ever researching what medication will actually help them as opposed to what will not. Often they spend a lot of money for nothing because they picked the wrong antibiotic or diagnosed their health problem incorrectly.

By providing information regarding antibiotics and their purposes we hope that we can educate the public and make people more aware of how these medications actually work as well as some of the dangerous side effects that can result from not using these meds in a responsible manner.

When Do You Need Antibiotics?

Antibiotics are the most effective drugs against infections, but their misuse may lead to unwanted consequences.

Antibiotics seem to be so popular that almost everyone has heard of them. Still very few people actually know when exactly to use them and for what problems. There are so many known cases when people just feel tired or feel that they are getting sick and think it’s a good idea to take antibiotics to prevent any illness. Be careful! This can cause a person serious harm. Antibiotics have never helped anyone recover from a cold, the flu or any other virus. They are also highly unlikely to help you when you have a sore throat or stuffy nose. So by taking them in these cases, it may be quite dangerous as well as lead to an overdose. These actions can also make your body much more resistant to antibiotics which of course makes them less effective when you do need their anti-bacterial qualities. That's why it is a good idea for you to read more of the following information in order to know more about this medication and when it is appropriate to be used. Article Continued

How to Select an Antibiotic

Choosing the right antibiotic can make a big difference in curing the health issue at hand.

Many bacterial related diseases are cured by different antibiotics. Before prescribing a drug, the doctor usually tests a person in order to get to know which bacteria are causing the illness or health issue. Sometimes it is already clear which antibiotic is needed simply because some kinds of infections can be caused only by a definite strain or have certain symptoms. If this is the case a testing does not usually take place. To do the testing the medical staff should collect some samples of your blood or urine and submit them to a laboratory for analysis. It may take up to three days to receive any feedback regarding the test. At that point the appropriate antibiotic will be chosen. Article Continued

Where to Buy Your Antibiotics

Making the right choice when purchasing antibiotics can really make a difference to your safety and your wallet.

When most people are looking for antibiotics, they immediately go to their favorite search engine and begin looking for a good source to buy the antibiotic they need. What they will most likely find in their hunt is that there is an overwhelming amount of online websites that sell popular medications like Amoxicillin, Zithromax, Tetracycline and their generic equivalents at all different prices. Trying to decide what is right for you as well as safe can often be very confusing. In order to make this process simpler, you should look at few things regarding the website as well a few other clues.

One very important thing when choosing a web site to buy antibiotics is the domain name. Make sure the domain is something like and nothing crazy sounding like Websites with strange domains like that are usually fly by night operations that are here one month and gone the next. They are not going to take the time to invest in a good domain that will be easy for their customers to remember simply because most people won’t be able to find them after they place their first order.

Also be sure to pay attention to the contact information on the sites as well as the method of contact. Most likely if the website you are planning to buy antibiotics from has a toll free number, a live chat service, or any reasonable way to contact them by email then you should be okay. Regarding the email on some of these sites, make sure that the domain of the email matches the site domain. It is probably not a good idea to buy your antibiotics from a site called if the contact email is [email protected] Article Continued


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