Amoxicillin vs Penicillin

How to Make the Right Choice

Amoxicillin and Penicillin belong to the group of top effective and demanded antibiotics on the whole pharmaceutical market nowadays. They are included in the same family and are aimed at fighting various infectious disorders. However, the treatments have different indications and can improve the symptoms of disorders, triggered by diverse bacteria types.

Brand remedies, known as Amoxil and Penicillin, are also widely appreciated on the market today. Just as their generic counterparts, the drugs have several differences and similarities. Both treatments prevent further bacteria multiplication. As a result, they are supposed to treat infectious disorders fast and effectively.

Comparing Two Effective Antibiotics

Before you select any of the remedies, you need to consider their features, safety specifications, contraindications, possible side effects and related issues. The main differences between Amoxicillin and Penicillin include:

  • Available forms. While Amoxicillin is offered as oral capsule, tablet, extended-release pill, chewable drug and oral suspension, Penicillin can be purchased as an oral tablet or solution only.
  • Medication indications. Despite the remedies are both antibiotics and even belong to the same group of drugs, each of them promotes better influence on certain infections. Thus, Amoxicillin works best for upper respiratory tract infections, mild skin disorders, tooth infections, ulcers and urinary tract infections. Penicillin, in its turn, works best for the treatment of scarlet fever, skin infections and mild to moderate symptoms of upper respiratory infections.
  • Brand drugs are rather expensive, though each treatment is available in the form of generic pill. Generic drugs are identical pharmaceuticals (if to consider their composition), which preserve the same indications, instructions for use, contraindications, precautions and warnings as their brand counterparts. However, the cost of such treatment is considerably lower, mainly due to the lack of brand-related expenses. Generic drugs can be¬†bought online in a range of online drugstores.
  • Adverse reactions. Misuse or overuse of both antibiotics will trigger severe side effects and health complications. Mild stomach disorders, skin rashes, diarrhea, vomiting, symptoms of allergic reactions and bloody diarrhea are typical for both remedies, while Amoxicillin can stimulate several other abnormalities, such as nausea, unusual bruising or bleeding, seizures and jaundice.

Final Verdict

Considering the whole information mentioned above, a patient should understand the difference between the two remedies, and mind the type and severity of the condition he/she has. Besides, irrespective of the place where you buy the drug from, you need to get safety directions from a reliable and appreciated specialist. Do not start the intake of Amoxicillin or Penicillin in case you are not confident in its safety and effectiveness.

All the other differences between the remedies will help you opt for the best one. As antibiotics vary in dosing details, indications, price, safety recommendations and other points, you need to select the one suiting your needs and desires the most.

How to Buy Amoxicillin and Penicillin Online

Amoxicillin and Penicillin are two effective and time-tested medications, which are aimed at treatment of diverse infectious disorders. The medications are available both in brand and generic variants, with the main difference being their price. While the cost of brand pills is frequently unaffordable, their generic counterparts are rather cheap. Therefore, an increasing number of patients switch from traditional pharmacies to online ones. Such companies offer ultimately competitive costs, quality remedies and convenient experiences. Despite you will purchase the remedy online and the prescription will not be required, there is always an opportunity to consult a qualified medical specialist and get required safety directions. Additionally, the website is easy-to-use, so you will not have problems placing an order. Modern payment services, fast delivery and related advantages will contribute to the overall benefit of the course.