Suprax to Eliminate Signs of Bacterial Infection

Suprax is an innovative cephalosporin antibiotic that contains Cefixime as an active ingredient. The powerful formula of the remedy allows fighting diverse types of infection provoked by bacteria. Consult your doctor before using Suprax off-label.

How to Administer Suprax Right

Follow all the instructions of your healthcare provider if you want to make Suprax therapy effective and safe for your overall health condition. Do not administer the drug in higher or lower doses, or for a longer period of time. Suprax should be used with much water to keep the kidneys properly functioning. To achieve the maximal effects, the drug should be taken with food or within half an hour before a meal. Never crush, break or chew the tablet, but swallow it whole.

Warn your doctor about Suprax use, as the medication can cause abnormal results of certain medical tests. The treatment should be administered for the full duration of the therapy. Otherwise, you may get bacterial infection undertreated. The symptoms of the condition usually disappear earlier than the issue itself. Keep in mind that skipping doses may result in body resistance to antibiotics.

Precautions and Contraindications for Suprax Use

Do not start Suprax intake without previous doctor’s consultations. Inform your healthcare provider about all the health disorders and complications you have, as well as the medications you use. Suprax may interact with numerous medical conditions and pharmaceuticals, leading to dangerous reactions and undesirable side effects. To prevent such consequences, one should not use Suprax is he/she is allergic to its ingredients or any other cephalosporin antibiotic, especially:

  • Cefprozil;
  • Cefdinir;
  • Cephalexin;
  • Cefadroxil;
  • Cefuroxime;
  • Cefazolin and others.

Additionally, you should inform your doctor about any allergies you have. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should not take Suprax as it may harm the health of a nursing or unborn child.

Suprax Reactions and Possible Side Effects

As any other treatment, Suprax may lead to certain reactions of the organism to its ingredients. Thus, you may experience problems with your stomach, vaginal itching or discharge, headache, rash, itching, nausea, vomiting, stomach discomfort or pain and others. These are usual symptoms that will disappear in the course of Suprax therapy.

However, call your healthcare provider in case the conditions do not improve, but trigger other, more complicated signs instead. Tell your doctor about significant problems, caused by the antibiotic intake, especially:

  • Jaundice;
  • Bloody or watery diarrhea;
  • Convulsions, epilepsy and other seizure disorders;
  • Reasonless, unexpected weight gain;
  • Urination disorders;
  • Severe skin reactions;
  • Swollen gums;
  • Abnormal bruising;
  • Unusual bleeding and others.

Seek emergency medical assistance if you have got any allergic reactions, including hives, swelling, itching, etc.